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What is TradooIT?

TradooIT is a computer-assisted translation suite that includes a translation memory, a terminology bank, a bilingual concordancer, a text alignment tool, a pretranslation tool and a Word add-in.
  • TradooIT translation memory is both public and private. The public memory contains texts from laws, government websites, international organization websites, movie subtitles, etc. TradooIT designers do their best to include in the public memory a variety of sources that will meet the needs of language professionals, no matter the field in which they work. TradooIT users can also create a private memory for themselves, where they insert their own texts, which they can choose to share with collaborators or keep for themselves.
  • TradooIT terminology bank also has public and private features. The public terminology bank contains terms from Wikipedia and well-known term banks. In their private term banks, users can enter terms for specific clients, contexts or other criteria. They are free to share their terminology bank with potential collaborators.
  • TradooIT bilingual concordancer enables users to find strings in context in the translation memory as well as terms in the terminology bank. It then displays the results in a table format, where it highlights the hits in source language and their equivalent in target language. It also displays statistics on the various forms and translations found and lets users refine their search by filtering the results based on form, source, etc. It also provides advanced users the flexibility to search on word stems and to include variables in their search expressions. Finally, the concordancer includes smart features, including one that suggests other searches that may be more successful in case of unsatisfactory results, and another that suggests a translation for the search expression when results provide enough certainty.
  • TradooIT alignment tool enables users to import bitexts and align them, if required, in order to create their own private translation memory with their archives. Afterwards, they will be able to consult this data using the bilingual concordancer, to pretranslate their future texts and even to share their data with other translators if they wish to do so.
  • TradooIT pretranslation tool analyzes texts to be translated and replaces, directly in the texts, strings that have already been translated in the memory. It also detects internal repetitions in the analyzed texts.
  • New! TradooIT Word add-in allows users to interact with the translation memory and the bilingual concordancer directly in Microsoft Word. It allows them to, namely, pretranslate their texts, to search expressions in the concordancer, to reuse segments already translated in their current document and to align their text as the translate, all this, in the most transparent way, in the comfort of their word processor.