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What makes TradooIT special?

Here is what distinguishes TradooIT from other similar tools:

  • its huge public corpus, which would be impossible to search on one local computer;
  • its incredible search speed, which encourages users to make searches simply to find words they have on the tip of their tongue;
  • its statistical translation feature, which can highlight the translation of the search expression in the results, list the possible equivalents and sort them by frequency;
  • its ability to search on word stems, which saves users the trouble of looking for the singular and the plural or for all possible conjugations;
  • its result filtering ability, which makes it possible to display only the desired results, based on form, translation, source, etc.;
  • its search suggestions, which can correct typos or propose similar expressions that do exist in the memory when a search expression returns few results;
  • its statistical alignment feature, which can take into account the content of texts to align, in addition to their structure;
  • its search and pretranslation features integrating various sources (translation memory, well-known terminology banks such as TERMIUM Plus, in-house terminology bank, etc.), which save users the trouble of searching the same expression in several tools or of searching strings that are not found in the tools.
  • its Word add-in that brings together all these features in the most transparent way, directly in Microsoft Word.