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Where does TradooIT come from?

TradooIT was created in a basement by a developer for his sweetheart, a freelance translator who found that current translation tools were poorly adapted to translators' needs. Among other things, she considered existing translation tools to be too slow, too invasive, too compartmentalized and too expensive. With time, efforts and trial and errors, the developer came up with a more than acceptable product.

Once the freelancer could no longer imagine working without TradooIT, she presented it to a translation agency, which agreed to try it out and make its own suggestions. TradooIT was able to adapt to the agency's current architecture and methods in order to minimize the maintenance time and the learning curve required.

In 2011, a smaller web version of TradooIT (English-French bilingual concordancer only) was put online for the general public. Ever since, it has kept evolving through the addition of tools (private memory, pretranslation, etc.) and language pairs. And it's not over. This is just the beginning!