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Who is TradooIT for?

Initially, TradooIT was a translation tool suite designed specifically for language professionals. Contrarily to machine translation tools, it does not serve translation on a plate. Its bilingual concordancer suggests several solutions listed in statistical order and displayed in context, which can be very convenient for both translators and terminologists. The alignment tool enables language professionals to create their own translation memory, while the pretranslation tool replaces, in their texts to be translated, the strings already translated in the memory.

However, TradooIT bilingual concordancer is not intended exclusively for language professionals. It can also be very useful for people who need to write in their second language and who are looking for a certain term or expression. TradooIT translation memory, in turn, could represent an original and effective way for translation teachers to compare the translations of students, provided that they ask them to hand in an electronic version, of course. In short, with TradooIT, the sky is the limit. Give free rein to your imagination!