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Defining settings

In order to pretranslate a text, you need to have access to a private memory in TradooIT, to provide TradooIT with the text to be translated and to provide it with the criteria to apply. To do so:
  1. Open your memory.

  2. In the toolbar, click on Pretranslation.
    The pretranslation form is displayed.

  3. Select the file to pretranslate. Once the upload is done, TradooIT gives you the word count and detects the source language automatically.

  4. Change the source and target languages if required.

  5. Identify the sources or clients of the corpus to use to pretranslate the text, in order of priority. TradooIT replaces the segments that are found in the main sources or clients first, and then those that are found in the secondary sources or clients. Same thing for subsegments and terminology.

  6. Click on PretranslateAfter a short processing, TradooIT displays the results (see section Viewing results to know how to interpret them).