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Viewing results

When you pretranslate a text, TradooIT displays the following results:

1Result SummaryTable showing the number of hits that TradooIT found in the text to be translated, the number of words that were replaced and the source (terminology, memory - complete sentences, fuzzy sentences or sub-segments).
2Downloadable file(s)List of links that let you to download various versions of the prestranslated text.
  • The "changes shown" version contains both source and target language strings, uses a special font to highlight the replacements made and gives the source.
  • In the "pretranslated" version, the replaced segments are shown in target language only and the font is the same as in the original text.
  • The "trados" version follows the standard format of bilingual Trados files. It allows you to continue translating the text with Trados if you wish.
To download one or more versions of the pretranslated text, simply click on the corresponding link. (See section Understanding the changes shown to know how to interpret the replacements in the file where the changes are shown.)
3RepetooTable showing the internal repetitions of the text to be translated, including the type (complete sentence or segment), the number of hits, the percentage of hits already replaced and the string concerned (in a standardized format, i.e. regardless of upper case, etc.).