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Signing up on TradooIT

Signing up on TradooIT will allow you to go beyond the simple public bilingual concordancer, and create your own private memory and pre-translate your texts. There are several ways to create an account for TradooIT: by completing a form asking for your e-mail address, a password and personal information, or by signing in through your Google, Facebook or Yahoo account, if you have one.

To sign up on TradooIT:
  1. Go to

  2. In the top right corner, click on Sign up.

  3. a) Complete the form and click on Create account.


    b) Click on one of the account icons at the bottom of the page (Google, Facebook or other) and follow the steps.

    Note: TradooIT will not get your Google or other account information. It simply uses the OpenID standard to authenticate you. If you are already connected to the chosen account in your browser, you will automatically log in to TradooIT. That makes one less password to remember!