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Editing bitexts

When searching in the bilingual concordancer or pretranslating texts, you may find mistakes in the alignment or the information of a bitext in your memory. In such cases, TradooIT allows you to edit easily the bitexts in your memory.

To edit a bitext in your private memory:
  1. Remember the reference number of the bitext that you want to edit. You will find it at the beginning of the bitext source, right under the segment.

  2. Open your memory.

  3. Find the text with the particular reference number and click on it to open it. The bitext opens in edition mode.
    Note: Soon, you should be able to open a bitext in edition mode directly from the results in the bilingual concordancer.

  4. Edit the incorrect information as appropriate.

  5. To change the alignment, click on the ... button in the top right corner of the bitext preview.
    Change the alignment the same way than during import (see section Aligning bitexts). 

  6. When you are done, click on Save. After a short processing, TradooIT confirms that your bitext has been saved.