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Importing TMX files

TradooIT allows you to build your memory by importing TMX files provided by clients or already aligned with another tool that you may be using.

To import a TMX file in your memory:
  1. Open your memory.

  2. In the tool bar, click on Import.

    The importation screen is displayed.

  3. Click on the TMX File tab

  4. Select the TMX file to be imported.

  5. Click on Import.

  6. Fill in the required information.
    - If you want to update a TMX file that you have imported in the past, select that file in the field File to be replaced, and TradooIT will replace it instead of duplicating its content.
    - If your TMX file is very large, TradooIT will divide it in multiple smaller "bitexts." The field Segments per bitext allows you to define the maximum size of the bitexts that will be created.

  7. Click on Import.