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Importing multiple bitexts

If you have many similar bitexts to import at the same time (same client, subject field, etc.), the batch import feature can help you. It allows you to define the client, tags, translation date, descriptions, etc., only once for all the bitexts that you want to import. It also speeds up file download, since all you have to do is select the files to align, and TradooIT will take care of putting them in the right column (source language, target language) and of matching them with the corresponding text. Then, TradooIT allows you to customize the information for each bitext and to correct text matching and alignment, if required.

To import multiple bitexts at a time in your memory:
  1. Open your memory.

  2. In the tool bar, click on Import.

    The importation screen is displayed.

  3. Click on the Local Files tab.

  4. Fill in the information that applies to all bitexts that you want to import at this time. This information may include source or client, translator, translation date, tags, source and target languages and descriptions (see section Aligning bitexts for more details). Is some information (such as description) is specific to each bitext, you will be able to customize it later during alignment.
  5. Download the files to import by clicking on Choose a file and selecting files one by one, in any order. TradooIT detects the language and takes care of puting the texts in the right column beside the corresponding text. If ever it makes a mistake (e.g. when the file names are too different), simply drag and drop the misplaced text at the right place. For each text, TradooIT gives the word count and, for each pair of text, it gives the alignment success rate and a link allowing you to check and correct the alignement, if required.

  6. Click on the Bitext preview link for each bitext to customize the information and correct the alignment, if required (see section Aligning bitexts).

  7. When you are done, click on Import.