Viewing results

Here is an example of a results page that you could get after searching in TradooIT bilingual concordancer.

You will notice that the page includes many sections, which are also numbered in the image:

DescriptionPossible interaction
 1.Search box- Type a new search.
 2.Number of hits found and search time- None
 3.Statistics on translation, form, source, etc.- Click on the various statistics to filter the results and refine your search (see section Filtering results).
 4.Translation suggestion made by TradooIT when statistics provide enough certainty- None
 5.List of terms found in both public and private term banks- Click on a term in source or target language to view it directly in the corresponding term bank.
 6.Table showing the search expression in context, as well as its highlighted equivalent in target language- Click on the URL under the segment to display the source page. It gives you a better idea of the original text layout.
- Click on the link "See bitext" to display the aligned bitext in TradooIT. That way, you can easily view the segments that come before and after the result shown.
- Click on other page numbers or on the "Previous" or "Next" arrows at the bottom of the page to display further results.