Searching manually

To make a simple search in the add-in's bilingual concordancer:
  1. If you want to search your private memory, make sure that you are logged in to your TradooIT account in the add-in.

  2. In the bilingual concordancer pane*, type your search expression in the search field. You can use the same syntax as in the online bilingual concordancer (see Section Advanced search syntax).

  3. If required, change the language pair in which you want to search by clicking on the green rectangle and by selecting the appropriate pair.

  4. Click on the magnifying glass or press Enter to run the search. The results are displayed below the search field (see Section Viewing results to know how to interpret them).

 If you do not see the bilingual concordancer pane on the screen, go to TradooIT ribbon in Word and click on the Concordancer pane to display it.