Viewing results

If you know TradooIT online bilingual concordancer, you will have no trouble understanding the results in the add-in's bilingual concordancer. It displays more or less the same information, but in a restricted space. The figure and the table below explain the information displayed.

Figure: Search results displayed in the add-in's bilingual concordancer

Item Name Description
1 Terminology List of terms found in public and private terminology banks to which you have access. The source of the term is shown in parentheses at the end. If there is no source displayed, the term comes from your private terminology bank.
Click on a term to view it directly in the corresponding term bank.
2 Filters List of statistics on various aspects of the search (translation, form, source, etc.). You may click on any statistics to filter the results and refine your search (see Section Filtering results for a description of each filter and see Section Changing the filters displayed to add or remove some, if required).
3 Number of hits Number of results found for the expression searched.
4 Matches List of hits of the expression searched in context, as well as their equivalents highlighted in the target language. You may click on the source link to see the corresponding bitext in your browser.