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Here are a few keyboard shortcuts that you may use in TradooIT add-in to make frequent operations.

Search the selected text in the concordancerAlt + L 
Search and replace (in source language, even if the text is already translated)Alt + K
Open a list of possible replacements at the current locationCtrl + Space*
Select the text from the current location to the end of the segment (in order to delete it more quickly)Alt + End*
Apply a replacement and go to next segmentAlt + N 
Apply a replacement and edit the segmentAlt + M 
Go to the previous segmentAlt + Up*
Go to the next segmentAlt + Down*

*Note: Some shortcuts may not work if they conflict with other shortcuts already in use in your word processor. For example, Alt + Up and Alt + Down are the same keys used by SDL Trados add-in. They may not work for TradooIT add-in if SDL Trados is installed in your application.