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Customizing the view

The Word add-in includes three possible panes : the Translation pane, the Concordancer pane and the Segment Explorer pane. By default, the Translation pane spans all the width of the window at the top, the Concordancer pane is located on the right and the Segment Explorer is on the left.

There are various ways of customizing this view to your needs:
  • You can show or hide panes by clicking on their names in TradooIT ribbon.

  • You can lay out the panes differently by resizing them, anchoring them elsewhere or literally putting them outside of Word window.
    • To resize a pane, put your cursor on one of the sides of the pane until it takes the shape of a double arrow (), then click on the latter side and drag it to the desired size.
    • To move a pane, put your cursor on the pane header until it changes into four crossed arrows (), then click on the header and move the pane to the desired location inside or outside the window.
    • To anchor a pane along one of the sides of the window, move the pane to the latter side until it falls into place along it.

For example, you could decide to hide the Segment Explorer if you don't use it, you could put the Translation pane at the bottom of your window, or put the concordancer outside the window to make it as tall as the main window and be able to see more results.