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Defining the settings

To pretranslate a text using the Word add-in:
  1. Open the text to translate in Word.

  2. If you have not already done so, log in to your TradooIT account in the add-in.

  3. Save the document under another name if you want to keep your original document intact.

  4. In TradooIT ribbon, click on Start TranslationA settings window opens.

  5. Define the pretranslation settings, which are shown in the figure below and explained in the table that follows.

  6. Click on OKThe pretranslation starts.
Note: Do not make any change to the text to translate during the analysis. This could cause the operation to fail.

Figure: Pretranslation settings

Source languageLanguage in which the text is written
Target languageLanguage in which you must translate the text
AccountTradooIT account that you want to use to pretranslate your text. Some users have many of them, for example, if they work as freelancers for one or more translation firms, they could have access to the accounts of these firms as well as their own personal account.
Source or clientUsually the source or the client where the text to translate originates. Sometimes, however, it could be more useful to select anotjer client whose texts are more similar to the text you have to translate.
Change document languageCheckbox indicating if you want the add-in to change the language of your document during pretranslation. If you check the box, the add-in will change the language everywhere: in the main document, in headers and footers, in text boxes, etc. That way, if you use Word spell checking feature, your document will already be in the right language for your translation.
LanguageLanguage to which you want the add-in to change your document during pretranslation (see the previous setting).
Replace text automatically after analysingCheckbox indicating whether you want the add-in to replace automatically in your text to translate the segments that are already translated in your memory. You can decide to make all possible replacements at the beginning, or you will be able to make them later, as you translate (see section Interacting with the add-in while translating for more information about the second option).
Remplace if greater or equal to:Minimum match percentage to replace a segment in the text to translate. 
Replace partial matchesCheckbox indicating if you want the add-in to replace sub-segments in the text to translate. Subsegments include terms that are found in your terminology bank and partial segments found in your translation memory.