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Viewing results

After having pretranslated a text using the add-in, you can view the results in various locations:
  • In the Segment Explorer*, which is usually located on the left of your window (see the picture on the right). This panel displays:
    • a list of the segments in your document;
    • the current segment (highlighted in blue);
    • the degree of match for each segment (in green for exact matches, in yellow for partial matches, in gray for no match);
    • the internal repetitions found in the document (in blue).
*Note: If you do not see the Segment Explorer panel, make sure that it is selected in TradooIT ribbon.

  • In the report that you can view by clicking on the Report option in TradooIT ribbon.

    The report displays the number of hits and of words for each of the following:
    • exact matches (100%);
    • segments that match from 95% to 99% to what is in the memory;
    • segments that match from 80% to 85% to what is in the memory;
    • segments that are repeated in the document;
    • segments for which there is no result;
    • total word count.
For example, in the report on the right, we can see that 46 segments had an exact match with the content of the memory and that these segments contained 519 words. Furthermore, on a total of 859 words in the document to translate, there were only 276 left to translate (for which there was no match).