Replacing parts of the text

When the add-in finds matches for all or part of the current segment, it offers you three options to apply the equivalents directly in the text to translate to save you the time to retype it and the risk to make typos. Here are the three possibles options:

  • Apply & Go to Next: When the segment match is an exact match, this option allows you to replace the current segment in the text to translate and to go directly to the next segment.
  • Apply & Edit: If the segment found is only a partial match or you want to edit it, this option replaces the current segment, then places your cursor in the text to let you edit it as you wish.
  • Apply: In the Translation pane, right-click on the line of the segment or sub-segment that you want to replace in your text and select Apply.
Note: The two first replacement options replace and overwrite the whole current segment, even if you have started translating it. It is better to use them as soon as you reach a segment. Otherwise, you may lose the changes you made to the segment. The third option, which applies only to sub-segments, will replace text only if the source sub-segment that you want to replace is still there, unchanged. It does not matter if you started editing the rest of the sentence.