Managing repetitions

It happens often that segments are repeated inside a document. For consistency purposes, we often try to translate them all the same way. Unfortunately, when the text is long, we don't always remember having seen them or how we translated them. We must then go back to see what we wrote previously.

TradooIT add-in now offers a solution for these internal repetitions. When you finish editing a segment that is repeated several times in the document and to go to another segment, a message appears, asking you if you would like to apply the changes to all the other occurrences of the segment in the document or only to the subsequent occurences or not at all. Choose the option that suits you. The add-in will ask you that question each time you will edit a segment that is repeated in the document.

Note: If you want the add-in to stop asking you this question, in TradooIT ribbon, click on Preferences > General and uncheck the box "Ask me when you find repetition."