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Stopping the translation

When you are done translating and proofreading your text, let the add-in know. It will remove the invisible markers that it put in your text and will import it in your translation memory, if you want. Your document will then be ready for delivery to the client.

To stop the translation of your document:
  1. In TradooIT ribbon, click on Stop TranslationA message is displayed, asking whether you are really finished translating your document and if you want to add the aligned text in your translation memory.

  2. If you want to import the document in your translation memory, check the box Add this document to the memory.

  3. Click on OK.

Note: Wait until the very end before clicking on Stop Translation, because this operation will erase all the source text linked to each segment. If you stop the translation too early, you will no longer have access to that information for internal repetitions or proofreading.

If, for any reason, you need to close Word before the end of the translation, it is perfectly safe to do so. The add-in will reconnect when you will reopen the word processor. As long as you don't click on Stop Translation, the add-in will remember your text.