Correcting the alignment in the document

When you put your cursor on a segment in the document, grey brackets* indicate the beginning and the end of the current segment. It is the segment for which the add-in provides information in the Translation pane. These brackets can also help you correct the text alignment by allowing you to see if the segments are properly divided in the document. If there is a mistake in the segment division in the document, the segment is either too long or too short.

The add-in gives you the two following options to correct segment division in the document:

  • Shrink: allows you to shorten the segment in the document. The add-in will divide the current segment at the first punctuation mark it finds to the right or to the left, depending on the position of the cursor in the segment.
  • Expand: allows you to extend the segment in the document. The add-in will extend the current segment to the next punctuation mark to the right.

*Note: If you do not see brackets around the current segment, do the following: in TradooIT ribbon, click on Preferences and select General. In the window that opens, check the option "Mark the current segment" and click on OK If you still can't see the brackets on each side of the current segment, do the following: in the window Word Options of Word, in the section Advanced, under Show document content, check the option Show bookmarks.